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Calculating ROI in Digital Marketing

Hafiz Dagata on ROI of Digital Marketing

We interviewed Hafiz Dagata on why he put his passion in Digital Marketing. He explained that traditional way also play role in marketing strategy but he prefers digital marketing more as it easily to measure the ROI. Nowadays, every organization faces up and down economy’s graph as for this they always have tight budget to invest in their future. Hence, that’s why in particular budget digital marketing is the best solution for marketing strategy. Top managements are afraid to spend more on marketing because they are not being provided with the best of best marketing’s solution.

 “Let me present to you my answer” – Hafiz Dagata

Hafiz Dagata Digital Marketing

“My best answer is digital marketing” he said. Many people have been awake by this phenomenon but they fail to meet the right person and the right strategy. Eventually they choose a wrong consultant and fail in this path. At the end they are going back to traditional marketing where they realized that it is not effective to get the target audience. Why they fail is because the main reason is they did not understand the concept of digital marketing and the consultant charge them a rocket price! He claimed that “Yes the digital marketing is “quite pricy”(if you didn’t meet the right person) and it has highest rate ROI” Hafiz Dagata claimed. People nowadays prefer to watch Netflix or Youtube compare traditional TV. People spend on averages more than two hours on social media apps and begin searching for the product through Google.

Undeniable solution!

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If your consultant or marketing team just talks about doing ads in Facebook and Instagram, it’s time to reconsidering their value on your revenue. Digital marketing covers all the steps in Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action (Conversion). “We have from PPC, email marketing, SEO, Social Media, SEM and others” he said. Hafiz Dagata said that “if you and your marketing team did not know this, never point a finger to digital marketing platform when you fail to do so”. The best part of digital marketing is that we can measure the impact, analyze the result and calculate the ROI. Climax of digital marketing is that you need to check on the operation team first before you launch the digital marketing strategy as it will be bad if you cannot manage and fulfill the demand from customers.

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Now it’s the end of 2017 and digital marketing has evolved beyond than any business person can imagine it. The point is how we want to take advantage on it and turn it into our profits. Hafiz Dagata is digital marketing expert and willing to help any organization that have will to soaring upwards through digital marketing platform. For more info about him, trending in digital marketing and latest news on digital age, visit hafizdagata.com

Hafiz Dagata

Hafiz Dagata

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