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Food Pyramid Facts That Are Actually Myths

We’re sure you’re familiar with the structure of the food pyramid; that you should consume carbohydrates the most, followed by vegetables and protein, and eat oils and fats the least. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) introduced that food pyramid in 1992, and people all around the world have been referring to that pyramid as a guide.

However, what if we told you that that food pyramid is no longer valid?

It has been more than 20 years since the old food pyramid existed, and we’ve come a long to figure out that not all information about the food pyramid is right. For example, one of the many flaws of that guide is that it doesn’t consider a person’s age or nutritional needs.

There are many pervasive myths about the outdated food pyramid that still exist, and we’re here to debunk them. Are you familiar with any of these myths?

You should consume bread and pasta the most

The lowest level of the pyramid features carbohydrate- rice, bread and pasta. That means we should eat them most, right? Nope.

Not only is eating more carbohydrates than veggies bad for you, but the guide also didn’t state what kinds of starch you should take. For example, white flour and refined grains don’t have any nutritional benefits and have lots of sugar which is bad for you.

food pyramid pediasure


All sugar is bad

Since we were young, we were told to avoid sugar since they’re on the top of the pyramid, which led to the belief that all sugar is bad for health for us.

While it is still the least of what we should consume, we can choose to get sugar from fruits, natural juices and honey that are way better than devouring cakes and candy. So, pick your sugar correctly.

Portions don’t matter

What the outdated version of the food pyramid fails to do is recommend the appropriate eating portions. Everyone is different and what they need to eat depends on your age and lifestyle, which is something that a food pyramid can’t decide for you.

Instead of relying on a vague guide, talk to your doctor or nutritionist to find out how much you should eat.

The hierarchy among food group exists

The old food pyramid organises the food groups in a way that makes people believe that some foods are better than the other. However, the new food pyramid doesn’t put any food group above the other and recommend balancing them for better health.

You can prepare foods however you want

Just because the old food pyramid suggests eating chicken, doesn’t mean you can eat all the fried chicken. The way you make and cook foods affect how much nutrients you absorb from them. For example, it’s better to steam a chicken than frying them.


The USDA introduced the updated food pyramid “MyPlate” in 2011. Compared to the old guide, it gives recommendations of serving sizes based on an individual’s age, sex and activity level.

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