4 Must-Have Accessories For Your Samsung S9


The Samsung Galaxy S9 is pegged as one of the most important mobile phone releases for this year. It comes with 5.8inch display, different colours to choose from, weighs 163 grams and most importantly, is a 5.8″ Quad HD+ Super AMOLED (2960×1440).

If you’re a proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S9, it’s time to step up your smartphone game and accessorise with chargers, cases, headphones and more so that you can utilise it to its full potential!

Take a look at some of the best items we have picked for you to go along with your Galaxy S9.

Ultimate protection from from almost anything

Phone cases, yes. It helps protect against any scratches on all sides in case you accidentally slip your phone out of your hand. In fact, semi-transparent covers usually let you view, interact, and respond to notifications without exposing the screen to remove potential scratches. There are several types of cases you can choose from depending on the design, weight, and size. After all, the main function is to protect your phone and adds up more fun to the physical look of your phone.

Go cordless with electromagnetic charging!

Wireless charging is now becoming more common in smartphones these days. Apart from enjoying the convenience of it, the plate also works as a fast charger. In fact, you don’t need to worry about power surges as precaution have being taken to ensure that temperatures are at safe levels.

Extra, extra, extra life.

Who can really say no to having external battery life for your phones? This is a great solution for when there are no power sockets in sight.  A powerbank is a powerful tool. It gives that extra umph to our phones, especially when you only have 10% of battery life left.

Memories are forever.

You know how it feels when your phone runs out of memory space. Although the Samsung S9 is already equipped with plentiful of memory space, you can always go the extra mile and keep all your files in an SD card. It’ll give you a much-needed storage boost.


A bit of everything goes a long, long way. Don’t yet own a Samsung S9? Head over to Digi at https://bit.ly/2Kkiyaz to buy one!


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