Maid Malaysia: The Best Maid Agency in Malaysia

Why Maid Malaysia is the Best Choice for Busy Professionals

Most professionals in Malaysia has been dealing with the common problem, that is a limited time in a day. This problem becomes more serious when they are climbing up the corporate ladder which requires them to give full focus, but at the same time, they had to think about household chores and babysitting. The solution is actually out there where agencies offer maid services.

What Maid Malaysia has to Offer

Maid Malaysia actually is one of the best agency available in Malaysia. What they have managed to showcase is their successful model in making sure that the maids that they provide to Malaysian homes are reliable. They saw the opportunity to lead the industry by taking advantage of the problem that it has. In Malaysia, there have been cases of theft and even maids abusing the master’s children. Therefore, Maid Malaysia had taken the initiative to strengthen its filtering process so that there is no such problem for their maids.

Maid Malaysia | Maid Agency Malaysia

How It’s Done

Unlike other agencies that rely on old method to filter candidates, Maid Malaysia has put a higher standard and raised the bar. It is the right time for them to do that by injecting the element of psychology in understating the maid’s personalities as well. What they did tend to be very effective and reduced the probabilities of having maids who are untrustworthy in the client’s homes.

Maid Malaysia’s Vision

Since it is undeniable that professionals will eventually need a domestic helper, there is no point to argue whether or not a maid is necessary. Instead, for those who can afford a domestic helper, it is more important to them to make sure that they get what they pay for. It is normal to feel some sense of insecurity especially when having strangers in their house and relies heavily on trust. While trust is important, it takes the time to build it. Therefore, Maid Malaysia takes out the insecurity by supporting with as much as quantifiable measures as possible. To them, this should be the new standard for all maid agencies out there – and this is what clients should expect in the future.

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Aliff Mazli on Traditional vs Digital Marketing

Aliff Mazli Shares His Opinion As A Digital Marketing Consultant on Traditional vs Digital Channels

Marketing has always been a vital part of a business. Without a properly deployed strategy, it will be extremely difficult for a business not just to grow, but also to sustain. Nowadays, the focus has been shifted from offline marketing like out-of-home advertising to digital marketing. Of course, we hear a lot about “digital transformation” and the likes, but what does it really mean, and how does it affect business? Aliff Mazli, Malaysian digital marketing consultant explains.

Aliff Mazli | Digital Marketing Consultant Malaysia
Aliff Mazli

Difference in Barrier of Entry

How much do you think a billboard cost in Malaysia? Well, thousands of course. On the other hand, the cost of wrapping a bus with your ad and having it tour around KL for a month would easily cost around RM8,000. Need I mention TV? For big brands, spending tens or hundreds of thousand of Ringgit on advertising is not an issue – but for startups and small-medium enterprises, anything beyond RM10,000 per month is insane.

Going digital, in contrast, is much more cost-effective. Or at least, the cost of initiating a campaign online is relatively cheaper. For example, if a startup decides to run Facebook advertising, the budget needed to run an ad campaign takes as low as RM3.00 per day. Obviously, the reach will be much less, but the point is, it’s executable.


It’s almost impossible to target your audience offline. You can narrow it down by targeting different segments like placing a billboard for the luxury brand within a high-income residential area, or running an ad on a specific radio station that talks about business; but you can’t really go down to the neuro level of targeting.

On the other hand, platforms such as search engine (Adwords, GDN etc) and even the social media like Facebook has a really cool targeting options. Imagine being able to target infant clothing products for young parent-to-be couples. Yes, it’s that effective now.

Measuring Effectiveness

If you place a billboard next to a highway, how do you measure its effectiveness? How do you quantify how much¬†impressions it gets? You can always assume based on the traffic volume, but that does not mean that just because people are driving past the billboard, they will definitely spend seconds to take a look at the ad for a second. This has always been the question that affects offline marketing. It is undeniable that it has an effect, a substantial one especially when you’re everywhere. The only problem is that the kind of uncertainty it has makes it difficult for companies to measure exactly how much spending is justified.

Going digital, however, is more quantifiable. Thanks to the features that platforms provide, marketers can actually measure which ad performs based on its real performance, like the CPM (cost per thousand impressions) or even cost per click (CPC).

Does This Mean Death to Offline Marketing?

Absolutely not. We know offline marketing works. We are just working on the way to track it. One day, that will happen, and when it does, the first marketing expert who is able to do that will revolutionize the offline marketing channel and become a new pioneer in the industry.

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